What exactly is Karify and why do you use it? Below you can find the most important features in Karify.

Organize your medical information

Karify is your secure environment in which you can keep all your health-related and medical information. If you want to you can share this information with peers, family and friends, as well as doctors, clinicians and therapists. 

Secured online contact

In Karify you can get in touch with your healthcare provider within a secure environment. Do you have a quick question for your practitioner? Ask your questions in Karify. Do you want to make an appointment with your psychologist? Send him of her a message through the Karify app. Did your physiotherapist give you a difficult exercise? In Karify you can watch a video of the exercise and ask your therapist questions.

Online support

Find information or online assignments, or get feedback from your clinician on the submitted assignments. In this way you can work on your treatment online as an addition to your face-to-face appointments. 

And more…

All the extra features in Karify will become clear along the way. You can read more about Karify yourself. Be sure that all the information you keep in Karify is yours and secured. You decide if you want to share this information with your general practitioner. If you want to remove your account, you can do so at any moment.