You are using Karify for the first time. With this instruction we guide you through the different parts of Karify. If you still have any other questions, please take a look at the other Help pages, contact your clinician or click the feedback button “Karify Support” on the left of the screen.


Do you have a Karify account?

Don’t have a Karify account yet? Please read the article on how to Set up an account for Karify.


Navigate to or the URL of your healthcare provider and log in using your username and password. If your login does not work, please read the article How do I log in to Karify?


To navigate within the Healthspace you can use the navigation bar. The amount and sort of features differ for every user and Healthspace. Below you see the most common features in the navigation bar: 

If you are a member of one or more Healthspaces you can use this button to navigate to a Healthspace. It is also possible to be a member of only one Healthspace however. 


With Messages you can send and receive secured messages to and from clinicians within the Healthspace. You can also send messages to people you follow, or who follow you in the Healthstream. Click here to read more about messaging.


In the Healthstream you can share information with others, for example your treatment plan or a test result. You decide who is able to follow your Healthstream or whether to be findable for other Karify users. There are two options:

  1. Users can not find you automatically. They can only follow your Healthstream after you invited them;

  2. Karify users are able to find you and ask for permission to follow your Healthstream.

Want to read more about the Healthstream? Please click here.

My Record

In My Record you can keep your medical information, for example a referral, an X-ray photo and useful links. For each document you can decide whether to share it or keep it private.  Also, all your activities in Karify are kept here, like completed treatment assignments or messages to and from your contacts in Karify. This way, all your medical information is always available to you, even if you have finished your treatment. Want to know more about My Record? Please click here.


  1. On the top right of your Workspace you see your profile picture. Click your picture and select My account.

  1. Select Edit account.

  2. With different tabs you can configure various preference settings. Try out a few settings, like uploading a new profile picture, changing your email address or password or setting up a preference language. 

Do you want to know more about your profile? Please click here


On the Dashboard you find general information about your healthcare provider. For example, a welcome text, the address of the practice or the opening hours. Also newly planned assignments are presented on the Dashboard. 


In the library general health information is provided by your healthcare provider, such as information folders, instructional videos and useful links. You can also search for information by category.