Through the Healthstream you can share information with your loved ones and others who may be interested in the progress of your treatment. If you want to show an X-ray, it is possible to publish the photo on your Healthstream. Or do you want to send a useful link to others? Share it on your Healthstream. The Healthstream is also an overview of all your activities in Karify. You determine which events or activities you want to share with others or not.

In the top of the screen you can find the Healthstream through this button: 

In the following screen you find a menu on the left side:


Here you see your own time line. Do you want to know when you have submitted an assignment or sent a document to your healthcare provider? Find it here. In the Healthstream, others can follow what keeps you busy, and you can see what others are up to. In the Healthstream you can see your own events and others. 

Healthstream contacts

Through Contacts you find the people who are able to view your Healthstream. Also, you can see who you are following. If someone wants to follow you, you first receive a request. This request appears in the Healthstream contacts, and you can accept or deny this request. In your Healthstream contacts you can add connections to Karify users or invite someone to become a member of Karify so that he or she can follow you as well. 

Comments in the Healthstream

Followers of your Healthstream can place comments on events in your Healthstream. For example, they can wish you luck with an assignment or thank you for a useful link.