Note: We will stop providing the Healthstream function. Below you can read what this means.

What is the Healthstream?
The Healthstream is a timeline on which you can share messages and files. You decide who can see this timeline, for example by inviting a family member or friend

Why is the Healthstream leaving us?
In the current form, the Healthstream offered insufficient added value in the need to share information with others. In practice it turned out that very limited use was made of the Healthstream, so it was decided that the focus could be better focused on the core functionalities.

What does this mean for you?
The Healthstream button will soon disappear from Karify. This means that you can no longer share or view information in the Healthstream.
Nothing changes to the Healthspace (the online environment of your healthcare provider). This is separate from the Healthstream, and here you can continue to work in Karify.

How do I know if I used the Healthstream?
If you are not sure whether you have shared information with others in the Healthstream, or if others have shared information with you, you can check if you have contacts in the Healthstream:
- click on Healthstream
- click on Contacts

If there are no people in your Contacts in the Healthstream, you do not share information with others in the Healthstream, and others do not share information with you.
If there are people in your Contacts, you can check in your overview which information you want to save. See also "I have used the Healthstream" below in this article.

I never used the Healthstream

Then you do not have to do anything. In your record you will still find an overview of your online activities and events. Also stored files are still available in My record.

I have used the Healthstream
Your files, messages and activities from the Healthspace are automatically saved in My record.
Messages or comments that you have placed in the Healthstream or information that others have shared with you in the Healthstream can be saved on your computer.

- Log in at
- Click on Healthstream
- Here you find the overview of your activities and shared information. Copy and paste this information to a text editor on your computer if desired, or print the web page via your internet browser. You can also upload this file in your Karify record if you wish.

How can I share information with my contacts in the Healthspace?
If you have access to the online treatment environment (Healthspace), you can share information with your contacts in this environment. This can be done by sending a message or sharing a file from your record. For more information about sharing information in the Healthspace, you can read this article.

Followers of your Healthstream can place comments on events in your Healthstream. For example, they can wish you luck with an assignment or thank you for a useful link.