Library: In the library you can find information that your care provider has added, like information flyers, instruction videos and useful webpages.

Healthspace: The Healthspace is the online ‘treatment environment’ of your practice or health clinic. In the Healthspace you can for instance send messages to your health care provider, find information in the Library or make an assignment online. 

Healthstream: The Healthstream is like an online timeline. Here you can share information with your friends, family and/or health care provider and you can see events of the others. You are able to decide yourself who can follow your Healthstream. Besides you are able to decide if you followable. You can read more about The Healthstream

My Karify: My Karify is an environment which is recognizable by its URL and the Karify logo on the upper left corner of the screen. This environment is independent from the Healthspace. In My Karify you can adjust your settings (click on your picture + name in the upper right and subsequently on ‘My Account’). Here you can upload your profile picture, set the language of your account and fill in your account information.

Notifications: Whenever there is something happening in Karify, for example when your health care provider gave you feedback on an assignment or when he set up a new assignment for you, you will get a notification. You can decide what kind of notifications you would like to receive. All notifications are enabled on default. You can change your settings by clicking on your profile picture - My Account - Notifications.


  • The Dashboard in My Karify shows the Healthspace(s) you are a member of.

  • The Dashboard in a Healthspace is the starting point of your Healthspace. Here you can see your most recent received messages. General information about your health clinic and new assignments are visible here. 

My Record:

In My Record you can save your medical data, like a referral letter, X-ray or useful links. You can also find back saved assignments, activities in your treatment environment and messages with your contacts. Do you want to know more about the possibilities of your Record? Click here