You can communicatie securely with your contacts in the Healthspace. Someone is a contact if he/she has a connection with your Karify profile. Your contacts can:

  • communicate through secured messaging in the web application or the mobile app. They appear in your contact list when you compose a new message.
  • exchange documents and files with you
  • set up online assignments and see the progress that you make with your assignments
  • give feedback on assignments
  • read communication with other contacts

When a contact creates a new connection or removes an existing connection, you receive an automatic email notification. In this way you are always informed which contacts can communicate with you or read your assignments.

In some Healthspaces you can find an overview of your contacts on your Dashboard. You can find your Dashboard as follows:

  • Log in to My Karify
  • Click on the Healthspaces button
  • Click on the logo/name of the Healthspace
  • Now you are on the Dashboard of the Healthspace. Here you might find an overview of your contacts.