Your contacts in Karify have access to parts of your online Karify health record. Someone is a contact if he/she has a connection with your Karify profile. This means they 

  • can communicate with you

  • can exchange files with you

  • can set up online assignments for you

  • can view your finished assignments

  • can read communication between you and your other contacts in the Healthspace

We'll notify you by email when new contacts are made available or removed in the Healthspace. If you object to being connected to a contact you can inform them by sending them a message. You can not remove contacts yourself. 

In some Healthspaces you can find an overview of your contacts on your Dashboard. You can find your Dashboard as follows:

  • Log in to My Karify
  • Click on the Healthspaces button
  • Click on the logo/name of the Healthspace
  • Now you are on the Dashboard of the Healthspace. Here you might find an overview of your contacts.