Karify will soon be given a new look. With the new menu you can navigate more easily through Karify. The platform now is more responsive, meaning that the menu is well accessible on laptop, tablet and smartphone. 

As a consequence, our web application looks slightly different from what you're used to. In this article the five main changes are discussed.

1. Menu Healthspace

You'll now find all the functionalities conveniently in one spot: the left side menu. For example, here you can navigate to the assignments scheduled for you on your Workspace and take a look at the Library

2. Your personal account: My Karify

Your personal Karify account you now find in the left menu as well, below your name. Here you can for instance adjust your account settings under My account or view your handed-in assignments in My Record. In the left menu you'll also find the option to log out of Karify. 

3. Display on tablet and mobile phone  

The left menu is foldable. By clicking on the three horizontal stripes (hamburger menu), you can fold and unfold the menu. This creates more tranquility on your screen and provides that the web application is easier to use on your tablet and mobile phone. 

4. Navigation between Healthspaces 

To navigate to your online treatment environment (Healthspace) of your healthcare provider, you click on Healthspaces or on the arrow at the top of the left menu. Then choose the right Healthspace. 

5. Contact with our helpdesk 

Do you have questions about the application? Below in the left menu you'll find a direct link to our online Helpdesk. Here you can find the frequently asked questions and manuals on working with Karify. Do you want to send in a question to the Karify Helpdesk? Click on the question mark on the top right and we are happy to be at your service.