What is an e-consult and what can I use it for?

With an e-consult you can ask your healthcare provider an online question. In case your healthcare provider uses the e-consult, the e-consult functionality is visible on the Dashboard of your Healthspace.

The text on this button can differ from Healthspace to Healthspace, like Request E-consult or Make an appointment. Either way you can recognize the button by this conversation balloon:

If you can not find this button please contact your clinician or our support through help@karify.com

Possible questions or topics for the e-consult:

  • test results

  • chronical ilnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes or astma

  • medicins

  • lifestyle advice, such as losing weight, food, alcohol use and quitting smoking

  • physical complaints for which you have already seen your clinician

  • earlier consults with your healthcare provider

Not suitable for the e-consult (please contact your healthcare provider for advice or an appointment):

  • urgent questions

  • if you are not sure whether your question is urgent

  • worsening or changing complaints

  • physical complaints

  • complaints

  • questions about emotional complaints

The e-consult is not free, but is covered by your healthcare insurence.