In the Karify app your can send a message to your contacts in Karify. This article describes how to send a new message.

Log in with your login code or fingerprint. 

Step 1

Click on the pencil icon.

Step 2

Select one or multiple names or search for a name in the search bar.

To send a message to multiple contacts you can select multiple names. The selected contacts are visible to all other recipients.


Proceed to the next step by clicking the right arrow (Android) or the button Next (iOS).

Step 3

Choose a subject of the conversation. 

Confirm the subject by clicking the checkmark (Android) or the button "Create" (iOS).

Step 4

You can now type your message. 

Click the send icon (Android) or the send button (iOS) to send the message. 

Access to multiple Healthspaces

If you have access to multiple Healthspaces, the name of the Healthspace will be shown below the name of your contact person in the contactlist. The message will be sent to the contact person within that Healthspace.