In your record you can save your medical records. For example a referral letter, an X-ray photograph or useful links. You can decide yourself to keep these records privately or share them through the Healthspace with your care provider. 

For each item you can choose whether to share it or not. You can share your items with:

  • Healthstream contacts;

  • A healthcare provider in the Healthspace.

To go to your Record you click on My Record, in the upper right of your screen. 

You can share an item as follows:

  1. Navigate to My record

  2. Choose the item you want to share

  3. Click Share or the symbol of the Healthstream

  4. Choose with whom you want to share the item. You can share it with your followers of the Healthstream or with a connection in your Healthspace. 

To share an item in the Healthstream, click the symbol of the Healthstream and select the box to share it with your followers.

If you click Share, you can select a clinician in the Healthspace to share your item with.