Within Karify it’s very easy to make a secure video call.

Before starting your call we advise that you check the following:

  1. Is your browser supported and up-to-date?

  2. Is your device suitable?     

  3. Is your internet connection strong enough?


1. Supported browsers

You need a modern and up-to-date internetbrowser on your device to make a video call. Video calling is supported in most modern browsers on most devices*.


2. Suitable devices

You need your tablet, phone, laptop, or desktop device to have the following:

  • An Internet connection

  • A (built-in) camera    

  • A (built-in) microphone

  • Speakers or a set of plugged-in headphones (make sure your sound is turned on)

3. Internet connection

You need a stable and strong internet connection to make a video call. The quality of the conversation will scale up/down with the strength of your internet connection.

* Currently, video calling on an iPad/iPhone is only possible with Safari. On Android devices, you can use most modern browsers.