You have an appointment with your healthcare provider to make a video call. Follow the steps below to open the call:

1. Log in to your Karify Healthspace

2. Your healthcare provider will start the Video call (you cannot start the call yourself)

3. A button appears on the dashboard

4.     Answer the call by clicking the link in the Karify notification bar


If you have a problem with the steps descibed above; try starting the Video call by using the link that has been sent to your email address.


Pop-up blocked

If your browser blocks the pop-up of the video call, you need to manually allow pop-ups in the browser. On the following web pages you find instructions how to allow the pop-up in your browser:

-        Mozilla Firefox

-        Google Chrome

-        Internet Explorer: 


Window 1

When you open the Video call, you can first check your position towards the camera. 


Also check if your microphone is working by making a sound for a couple of seconds. If the microphone functions well, the checkmark will turn green. 

Window 2

When you click Next the Video call starts.

Ending the Video call

Both your healthcare provider and you can end the Video call by clicking End call at the bottom right.