You can choose yourself if you want to switch two factor authentication on for your account. This adds an extra layer of security to the login process. Read here how to set up two factor authentication for your account. 


In the article below you read how to log in with two factor authentication in the web application. For logging in the Karify app, click here


What is two factor authentication? 

Two factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to the process of logging in by requiring access to a second device. After you switch two factor authentication on, you will log into your account with two steps:

  1. You fill in your email address and password (something you know). 

  2. You fill in a verification code that you receive on a second device, like your mobile phone or a tablet (something you have). 


Imagine, for instance, that someone knows your Karify credentials. He or she will still not able to log in to your account without the verification code. Because, besides the credentials, also access to the device on which you receive the verification code is required. Thus, the verification code forms an extra layer of security. 


Logging in with two factor authentication

  • Go to or to the Karify space of your healthcare provider. 

  • Fill in your email address and password. 

  • Fill in the 6-digit verification code. How you receive this code, depends on what choice you made while setting two factor authentication up: 

    • The verification code is send to your mobile device per text message. This code is valid for 30 minutes. 

    • You take over verification code from your authenticator app. Every 30 seconds the app generates new codes. The replaced code remains valid for 30 more seconds; every code is thus valid for a total of 1 minute. 

     Did you not receive the verification code, or is the code false? Click here

  • If desired, you can tick the box Skip this step for one month on this device. With this you mark that specific device as ‘trusted’. On trusted devices you do not have to give up a verification code every time you log in. 

Lost access to your trusted devices?
It might happen that you lose access to your (trusted) devices, for instance if your device gets lost or stolen. In the article Common problems with two factor authentication you can read more on what to do in such a situation. 

In the rare case that you should lose the device on which you receive your verification code and you do not have trusted devices (anymore), you cannot log in anymore. Then use a backup code to gain access to your Karify account. Click on No access to trusted devices? and fill in one of the backup codes that you received when Switching two factor authentication on. Every backup code is only valid once. It is displayed how many backup codes you have left. 

Change login method? 

Do you want to change the way in which you receive the verification code? Or do you want to switch two factor authentication off? Then read the article Adjusting the settings of two factor authentication