Are you experiencing problems with switching two factor authentication on, or with logging in with authentication in two steps? In this article the most common problems with two factor authentication are addressed. 

I did not receive the text message with verification code 

It can take a moment before the text message reaches your phone: the delivery speed and availability differ per location and service provider. If after a few minutes you have not received the text message yet, check the following: 

  • If you are still setting up two factor authentication, check if the phone number that you filled in is correct

  • Does your mobile phone have reception

  • Are you looking on the right mobile phone? The text message is send to the mobile number that is connected to your Karify account. Check if the last digits of the phone number that you gave up (displayed on your screen) are the same as the phone number that you are using. 

The verification code is false

  • Verification by text message: The verification code is once-only valid for 30 minutes. Did the code expire? Then request a new one by logging in with your email address and password. May you have received several texts with verification codes, then only the most recent code is valid. 

  • Verification by authentication app: An authenticator app generates new codes every 30 seconds. The code first turns red before a new code appears on the screen. The replaced code remains valid for 30 more seconds; every code is thus valid for a total of 1 minute. Fill in and confirm the verification code before it expires. 

The device on which I receive my verification code got lost or stolen

If you are not in possession anymore of the device on which you receive the verification code, then you cannot log in with a verification code anymore. To secure your account, we strongly recommend you to change the settings of your two factor authentication, so that no one can log into your account using the device that you lost. To change your settings you must first log into your account. 

Depending on your specific situation, you can regain access to your account in several ways:

  • Logging in on a trusted device: If you have once logged in on Karify on a device, and ticket the option Skip this step for one month on this device, then you might be able to log in on this specific device without having to fill in a verification code. You have marked the device as ‘trusted’.

    • Example: The mobile phone on which receive the verification code got stolen. Normally, you work on your laptop, a device that you marked as ‘trusted’. On your laptop, can probably log into Karify with only your credentials. 

  • Logging in with a backup code: Are you not in possession of a ‘trusted’ device? Then use a backup code to log in. After filling in your email address and password, click on No more access to trusted devices? Fill in one of the backup codes that you received when setting two factor authentication up. Every backup code is only valid once. It is shown how many backup codes you have left. 

Did you succeed to regain access to your account? 
In this case take the following steps to further protect your account:

  • Step 1. We strongly recommend you to change the password of your Karify account. This helps to prevent others gaining access to your account through your lost/stolen device. Click on My account -> Account and go to the tab Change password.

  • Step 2: Adjust the device on which you receive the verification code: 

    • Change your phone number if you would like to receive the verification code on a new mobile phone number. Read here how to do this. 

    • Link a new authentication app to your account. Read here how to do this. 

  • Do you not yet have a new mobile device or other device on which you can receive the verification code? Then deactivate two factor authentication until you can receive verification codes again. Read here how to do this. 

  • Step 3. Reset your trusted devices, so that you have to fill in a verification code again as a second step on every device. This helps to prevent others gaining access to your account through your lost/stolen device. Read here how to do this. 

I have lost my backup codes 

If you cannot find your backup codes anymore, then you can generate new backup codes under your personal account settings. Read here how to do this. 

Are you still experiencing problems after reading this article? Then take up contact with the Karify Helpdesk via this portal (Ask a question).