In order to start with Karify, you need a Karify account. Your clinician can invite you to set up an account, or you can put in a request yourself. If you already have a Karify account you can become a member of the particular Healthspace. You can read how to do this below.

Healthcare providers set up a Healthspace in Karify. There are all different types of healthcare providers who make use of Karify Healthspaces: for example: general practitioners, mental healthcare institutions and hospitals. There are two options to set up a Karify account:

  1. You are invited by your healthcare provider;

  2. You want to become a member yourself. 

1. You are invited by your healthcare provider

Step 1: You have received an email from your healthcare provider with an invitation to become a member. Click the button Accept invitation in this email. 

Step 2: Certain personal information is required, for example your e-mail address. Make sure your mailbox is secured, so you can receive your password by e-mail whenever you forget it. Notifications are also sent to your email address. 

Your password must be:

  • 8 characters

  • including at least one capital

  • including at least one special character

Step 3: Accept the Terms and conditions by clicking on Register.

Step 4: Pay attention: to activate your account an e-mail is sent to your personal e-mail address. Click the link Confirm your email address in the email. 

Now you are a proud owner of a Karify account and ready to start!

2. Become a member of the Healthspace yourself

Navigate to the URL (webpage) of the Healthspace of your healthcare provider. You can find the URL on the website of your healthcare provider or ask him/her. On this webpage you can register yourself. 

Click Join and fill in the required information. 

Depending on your healthcare provider you will become a member either automatically or after their confirmation. After your application you have a Karify account and are a member of the Healthspace.

If you are a member of the Healthspace, you can keep in touch with your healthcare provider online in a secure environment, manage your medical records, find information and receive online care.