In My Record you can store your medical information, for example a referral letter, a X-ray photo or useful links. For each document you can decide whether to keep it private or whether to share it with your healthcare providers in the Healthspace. It’s also a record of all your activities in Karify, like completed treatment assignments or email conversations with your contacts in Karify. This way, you can always see what you did during your treatment, even after your treatment has finished.

Your record is a collection of everything you have done in Karify. To open your record, click in the left menu on My record:


Here you see on chronological order what activity has taken place in your Karify record. 

Finished assignments 

The assignments that you submit, are saved under Finished assignments. A gray text balloon on the right symbols that your the assignment contains feedback from your clinician. Click on the assignment to view the feedback. If desired, you can respond to this feedback.


In this folder you can upload and share different types of files, for instance documents, videos or images. To order your files, you can assign Life events to your files to keep them organized, for example 'Retirement' or 'Pregnant'. For each document you can decide whether to keep it private or whether to share it with your contacts in the Healthspace. Click here for more information on sharing files from your record.


In Events you find all your Karify activities chronologically ordered, like the messages you have sent and received, assignments you have submitted.


Here you find all messages you have exchanged with your contacts. This way you can always reread your email conversations with your healthcare provider. 


I cannot find my assignments in My record

You will only find an assignment in your record after you have submitted it. Assignments that you still need to complete are waiting for you on your Dashboard. Click here for more information.