With your Karify account you can become member of one or more Healthspaces. You could compare a Healthspace to a practice, treatment facility or waiting room of your healthcare provider, but then online. It is possible to send your doctor an email, search for information in the library of your physiotherapist or make an appointment with your clinician.

What can I do in a Healthspace?

The Healthspace is the online 'treatment environment' of your healthcare practice or institution. Doctors. clinicians and other healthcare providers can provide care within their own Healthspace. 

As soon as you are member of the Healthspace, you can communicate in a secured manner with the clinicians with whom you have a connection in Karify. They can also schedule online assignments for you and you can find relevant information in the library. Within a Healthspace you can build a record of your own activities within this online environment. 

How do I know in which Healthspace I am?

Healthspaces differ in looks and contents.You can recognize the Healthspace by the logo of your healthcare provider. The web page (URL) is also a good indication, for instance: 


My Healthspaces 

You navigate to the correct Healthspace with the down facing arrow on top of the left menu, or via the button My Healthspaces in the left menu. Here you'll find an overview of all your Healthspace memberships. 

End membership 

If in agreement with your clinician, you can also end your membership. After canceling your membership you retain free access to your built Karify record. However, your connections will be broken, so your clinician can no longer guide you in Karify. You cannot communicate anymore with your clinician in Karify, and he/she does not have access to your online record anymore. 


I cannot find my Healthspace. 
If you click on My Healthspaces you'll find an overview of all your Healthspace memberships. Do you not see the Healthspace you're looking for? Then you are possibly not a member yet. Seek contact with your healthcare provider to ask for more information.