You could compare a Healthspace to a practice, treatment facility or waiting room of your healthcare provider, but then online. It is possible to send your doctor an email, search for information in the library or make an appointment with your dietician.

What does this mean for me and my data?

Doctors, clinicians and other healthcare providers work from the Healthspace. Only employees of these healthcare providers have access to the Healthspace. If you are a member of a Healthspace, a part of your Karify record becomes available in the Healthspace. This is only the information that you build up in this Healthspace, like assignments and files that have been shared by or with you. From the moment that you become a member of a Healthspace, you will be asked explicitly which information you want to share or not. Only employees that are connected to you in the Healthspace can see your record after you have given permission for this. 

How do I know in which Healthspace I am?

Because different healthcare providers use Karify, their Healthspaces differ in appearance and content. After all, the waiting room of a podiatrist is different from the operation room of a hospital. You can recognize the Healthspace by the logo and name in the top left of the Healthspace. 

Also, URL of the web page is a good indication of which Healthspace you’re in, for example:


Since you can become a member of multiple Healthspaces you can find an overview of these different memberships in your account settings. Dependent on the healthcare provider, you can also unsubscribe from a particular Healthspace.