You are using Karify for the first time. In this article we will discuss the main functionalities within Karify. 

What is e-health? 
In Karify you can communicate in a secured online environment with your clinician, work online on your treatment, find information and manage your own health record. Karify is a well-secured place where you can keep all your health and healthcare related information.

The basis

You can use the menu on the left to navigate through Karify. Per user and per Healthspace the amount and the type of functionalities can differ. Below we'll discus the most common functionalities: 

  • Healthspaces. With your Karify account you can become member of one or more online environment(s) from your healthcare provider. You can navigate between Healthspaces as follows: Click on My Healthspaces or the downwards arrow on top of the left menu, and choose the logo of the Healthspace that you want to work in. 

  • Dashboard. Here you'll find new assignments for you, if these have been scheduled for you by your clinician. 

  • Library. Here your healthcare provider can offer relevant information. For instance information folders, instructional videos and useful links. You can also search for library items per category.

  • Video conversations. In Karify you have the option to video call with your clinician in a secured manner. You cannot start a video conversation yourself, your clinician will do this. Under Video conversations you can accept this video call.

  • Contacts. Here you find an overview of everyone to whom you can send messages within the Healthspace. These are the clinicians with whom you have a connection within the Healthspace. 

  • About this Healthspace. Here you find information about your Healthspace and healthcare provider. 

  • Messages. Here you can exchange secured messages with your contacts in the Healthspace. 

  • My record. Here you find your handed in assignments and can you keep your own documents.

  • My account. Here you can manage your profile and account settings. You can for instance upload a profile picture, adjust your preferred language or change your password and email address. You can also navigate to My account by clicking up right on your name/profile picture. 

  • Logout. Click here to log out of Karify. 

  • E-consult. Some clinicians make use of the e-consult. Here you can submit a question. 


When there is activity in Karify, for instance when you received a new message or when there is a new assignment scheduled for you, then you'll be notified of this through email notifications
You can set up which notifications you want to receive. All notifications are switched on by default. You can adjust your notification settings by clicking on My account => Notifications.


Why are some buttons in the overview not visible to me?

It is possible that certain buttons are not visible in your online environment, because your healthcare provider determines which functionalities they want to use.