In Karify you can make assignments that your healthcare provider has selected for you. You find these assignments on  your Dashboard. Submitted assignments you'll find back in your Record



When there are new assignments for you, you find them back on your Dashboard. You'll find for example a treatment module or a few loose assignments. You open the assignment by clicking on the blocks. 



When a new assignments has been scheduled for you, you'll receive a notification email on the email address on which your Karify account is registered. Click here for information on adjusting your notification settings. 

Filling in an assignment 

In Karify there are repeated assignments, like logbooks and mood meters, and assignments that you fill in only once. While you are working on the assignment, your answers are automatically saved in Karify. Have you fninished an assignment? Then click on Submit. Your submitted assignment will be saved in My record
Your clinician can view your submitted assignments and provide them with feedback. You can, in your turn, respond to this feedback. 


View assignments

Submitted assignments are saved in your Record. This record will stay available to you, even after your treatment stopped and you are no longer member of the online treatment environment (Healthspace). This way you can always review your submitted assignments. 

Adjust assignments

Some submitted assignments can still be adjusted. You can reopen and adjust the assignments that you still see on your Dashboard. The repeated assignments, like logbooks and mood meters, cannot be changed after submitting anymore. This is because a new form will immediately appear after you submitted the previous form. 



I cannot find my assignment.

Click on Healthspaces and then on the logo of your healthcare provider. You are now on the Dashboard. Are there no assignments there? Then take up contact with your healthcare provider.